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Repository 3.5.2 Beta released

Mar 7

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3/7/2011 9:22 AM  RssIcon

A development build of the Repository module 3.5.2 (Beta) has been released on If no issues are found within a reasonable timeframe, this is the version that will be submitted to the DotNetNuke release tracker as an official module release. This will be the first official release of the module in quite a long time.

Download link:

So, what’s new in 3.5.2?

There are 2 major enhancements in 3.5.2, Personal Repositories and a Details view.

Personal Repositories

In 3.5.2, a new module settings has been added, “Personal Repository”.  It is a checkbox and if you check this option, then the Repository will act as a file repository for each individual user. That means that users will be able to ONLY see the files that they uploaded. They will not see other files, uploaded by other people in the same module.  This gives you the ability to grant a personal file store for each user.  Of course, admins can see all files uploaded by everyone into the module. 


This new feature, in addition to the new [SECURITYROLES] tag added in 3.5.1, further extends the ability to use the Repository module as a key component of a Customer support site.

Details View

3.5.2 adds a new “Details” view that you can use in your templates to provide a more informative page to your users when downloading an item.  What this means is that you can now define a new “details.html/details.xml” template and add a link to the main “template.html” which is used to display each item.  You can use the details view to provide a more detailed description of the item prior to the user downloading it.

There are 2 things to do in order to implement a “Details” view.

1) define your details view in a “details.html / details.xml” template file

2) add a [SHOWDETAILSPAGE] token to your “template.html” file.


I start by copying the “default” folder from /DesktopModules/Repository/Templates location and paste it into the /Portals/0/RepositoryTemplates folder.

Then I open the “template.html” file located in the /Portals/0/RepositoryTemplates/default folder with notepad and change the [DOWNLOAD] token to [SHOWDETAILSPAGE], and save it.

Now I create 2 new files, “details.html” and “details.xml

In details.html, I enter the HTML markup to display the information I want to show the user. For example:

<div class='tactions'>
<div class='tactions'>
<div style='padding-top: 10px;'>- File Size: [FILESIZE], [DOWNLOADCOUNT] Downloadsdiv>
<div class='tmain' style='margin-top: 36px;'>

	<div class='tpic'>
		<img src=[IMAGE] width="32">
	<div class='tdata'>
		[EDIT][TITLE]<br />
		<span class='tsmall'>[CREATEDDATE]span><br />
	<div class='tdetails'>
		<b>Details:b><br />
	<div class='tcomments'>
	<div class='tcomments'>


There’s nothing different here, it’s just another template file using tokens to display information about the item.  There is a new token however, [SHOWLISTPAGE] which will display a hyperlink that will take the user back to the main list view.

Edit the details.xml file to set token attributes as you wish. Please refer to the Repository User/Admin Guide for more details on the template/xml files.

Save the two files, go to the page with your Repository module, open the module settings and select your new template from the ‘skins” dropdown (“*default”)

Now you see the items listed as before, but instead of a DOWNLOAD hyperlink, you see a VIEW DETAILS hyperlink. Clicking that link on an item will display the details view template.

With some fancy jQuery coding in your template it would be relatively easy to extend the details view to do things like requiring the user to check a checkbox, accepting a license agreement or something, prior to downloading.

Hope the new features prove useful. The 3.5.2 beta will be up for you to test over the next week or so, and if no issues are reported, it will be released into the DotNetNuke module release program.

You can download the 3.5.2 Beta at

and if fact, you can see it running there as well Smile  Click on the View Details hyperlink on any of the items listed and you will see the Details View where you can read more about it and download the file.


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