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Let’s Build a Module–Project Template Installation

Jan 11

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1/11/2012 8:01 AM  RssIcon

The Gooddogs Technology Project Template for DotNetNuke module development is now available in an early form for you to download and try out. This Visual Studio 2010 project template is pre-configured to allow you to build DotNetNuke modules using the latest technologies like Entity Framework, WCF Data Serviced, popular open source frameworks like Knockout,js, AutoMapper and the Blueprint CSS Framework

The “Let’s Build a Module” series of blog posts and videos

1. Project Introduction

2. Downloading, Installing and Using the Template

Following is a short video showing you how to download, install and then use the Gooddogs Technology Template to build a DotNetNuke module.



Reminder, I’m still looking for suggestions for a complete module that we can all build together for the DotNetNuke Community. So, keep your ideas coming, add a comment and let me know what you’d like us to build with this new module development template, and if you have any comments, suggestions or feedback on the project template itself, let me know!

The next blog will go into more detail about the Solution structure and the technologies included in the template and how they work


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Re: Let’s Build a Module–Project Template Installation

first of all thanks a lot for putting effort in such good project.
is there any way to tweak this project template to work with entity framework code first approach?

By qamar on   3/30/2012 1:46 AM

Re: Let’s Build a Module–Project Template Installation

How do you use the edmx for as an entity datasource? I can get it to see the table but it can never refresh the schema. I'm running in web.matrix which broke some other parts of the demo, could that be the problem here as well?

By Lloyd on   4/12/2012 6:26 AM

Re: Let’s Build a Module–Project Template Installation

Thanks for this VS template.

The Entity Framework connection information is missing in the download version of the template :-/

And what about updating the DNN manifest file to the newest version?

By Apoc70 on   4/15/2012 8:37 AM
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