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Welcome to has provided help and consultation in software engineering, developer effectiveness and web development for over 25 years. The Gooddogs Repository was one of the first add-on modules for the DotNetNuke open source CMS and continues to support the software development community through open source projects, user group speaking and mentorship.

Being a more efficient developer

As Developers, we have been chasing the holy grail of 'write once, run anywhere' since the beginning of time. Web Components are finally beginning to deliver on that dream. This talk will look at Web Components, and in particular, Polymer 2.0 from Google, for building reusable web components that will run in any browser and in any JavaScript framework. The cost of adoption is extremely low, and we'll talk about strategies for building, hosting and delivering web components for use in your web application as well as design considerations when build a reusable component. Who should be responsible for state? how should data be handled? and how do I style my web components yet allow the developer some flexibility in how your component is rendered?